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Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF) is the only National Federation for Icestock Sports in India duly affiliated with International Federation Icestocksport (IFI), Asian Icestocksport Federation (AISF), and South Asian Icestocksport Federation (SAISF).

Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF) will be recognized by Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) very soon. Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF)  has 26 State/ UT’s Members all over India

Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF)  was incorporated as the non profitable organization registered under (Societies of Registration under act 1960) and with the aim and objectives of only to promote the tremendous art of Icestock Sports in all over India at School, Collages, University and Corporate level .

Icestock Sports make a demonstration appearance in the olympics, and it is also a member of GAISF

Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF)  have more than 150 approved Clubs & 26 Associations of different events like Team Game Event, Team Target Event, Individual Target Event & Long Distance  etc. Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF)  has a strength of 6 Asian Level and 50 IISF qualified Referees/Judges and 05 International accredited/Certified Coaches Under the Presidentship of  Mr. Manfred Schäfer,  Mr. Mohammad Iqbal & Mr. Irfan Aziz Botta. .

Indian Icestocksport Federation ( IISF) is fully involved in developing and popularizing of Icestock Sport in India and have produced numbers of International level Athletes.

The Membership for the Players is Open for all technically & deserving organizations who will agree to abide by the rules and regulations of IFI unconditionally.

Member :- International Federation ICESTOCKSPORT   ( IFI ).

Established in the year 2012 by MR. MOHAMMAD IQBAL

26 State units around the Country

All state branches / units are duly recognized by the concerned State Olympic Association

Icestocksport was recently introduced in the Khelo Indian Winter Games by the Ministry of Youth Afairs and Sports, Govt. Of India